dennis m. gilbert
sunrise, sunset, and in between

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columbia perspectives
~ unique perspectives of columbia's 
people tree, lakes, and other local views ~

images for matted photographs  and note card sets
(click on a thumbnail image to see an enlarged view.)
please note that images are presented at low resolution for web purposes and may not
 reflect the full richness of the actual images when viewed or printed at a higher resolution

columbia perspectives  (set 1)

person from the people tree people tree at night people tree in clouds
people tree from base people tree - two persons people tree in motion

columbia perspectives  (set 2)

bench at centennial converging reflection - lake centennial centennial reflections
street lights at mall tulips and people tree golden sunset at lake elkhorn

columbia perspectives  (set 3)

tulips and lake view centennial facilities bridge in spring at centennial
golden person from the people tree bear by lake kittamaquandi heron on dam - lake elkhorn

columbia perspectives  (set 4)

pete's place howard county farm path at blandair property
blandair gears sewells walkway rouse brothers and people tree

columbia perspectives  (set 5)

watching the green - wilde lake village watching the green - wilde lake village - iv tulips and lake view
oakland mills runner fish at long reach kiosks and canoe - lake elkhorn

columbia perspectives  (set 6)

woman at lake elkhorn people tree and hug bridge in spring  - lake centennial
bridge and pond at sewells fence at sewells orchard community park delicate leaves at golden sunset - lake elkhorn

columbia perspectives  (set 7)

wilde lake village green winter shadows at wilde lake winter study at dannon garth pond
winter study at dannon garth pond ii winter walker at sewells winter walker at sewells ii

columbia perspectives  (set 8)

winter bench at wilde lake rainbow at sewells wilde lake village green in winter
poised swan at elkhorn people tree and street lamp columbia art center

columbia perspectives  (set 9)

horses on hill near ellicott city view of lake kittaquandi columbia art center ii
centennial fisherman on  misty day centennial fisherman big tree at alpha ridge

columbia perspectives  (set 10)

sailboat at bay bridge peaceful lake elkhorn resting at elkhorn
rouse statue at lake kittamaqundi aerial view of columbia bench at blandair mansion

columbia perspectives  (set 11)

rouse brothers and people tree ii rouse brothers by lakeside bear and cubs downtown
the hug and lakeview people tree and fountain the hug ii

columbia perspectives  (set 12)

columbia fountain i columbia fountain ii people tree through fountain
columbia fountain iii james rouse at lakeside rouse brothers by the lake

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on the beach taking wing sun, moon, more the seasons revelations of light at peace
flora fauna people celebration that's odd columbia perspectives
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dennis m. gilbert, photographer, sunrise, sunset, and in between
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