dennis m. gilbert
sunrise, sunset, and in between

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recent additions
 december 2006
including, deep creek lake, shenandoah, columbia, md, and more
on the beach/outer banks
gifts of the outer banks and other atlantic shore beaches
images of and from shenandoah



sun, moon, clouds, wind, and water
the interplay of nature's elements


the seasons - summer, fall, winter, spring
images of the gifts
of the seasons


revelations of light
the play of light and shadow on still life objects

at peace
images to evoke a sense peace and stillness

flora ...
the beauty and mystery of flowers, trees, and other plant life


.. and fauna
the gifts of animal life
exploring people and relationships

images of celebration


that�s odd
the unexpected, the playful, the whimsical, and the juxtaposed


columbia perspectives
unique perspectives of columbia's people tree, lakes, and other local views

my heart belongs to ...
the great variety of heart images

flags and other symbols


food for thought
the visual delight of foods
composite images
experiments with combining images to create images

the joys of pets


  taking wing
delight in creatures
 that fly


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on the beach taking wing sun, moon, more the seasons revelations of light at peace
flora fauna people celebration that's odd columbia perspectives
my heart belongs to ...americanafood for thoughtcomposite imagespetsshenandoah

dennis m. gilbert, photographer, sunrise, sunset, and in between
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